The old story of “You get what you pay for” also applies in the silk flower rental business.

Exquisite, unique silk flowers are worth paying for. Sure there are the traditional, fake, artificial flowers but there are also stunning silk flower arrangements which are hard to believe they are not fresh flowers. To ensure quality, always make sure when choosing your silk flowers for hire that you get to see all that is available and don’t be persuaded on hire price alone.

Ask us at Buds to Blooms to visit you, we will show you the best on offer in our stunning quality silk flowers range. See the size, colours, assortment of beautiful pots and unique touches to each of our Buds to Blooms silk arrangements. Don’t hide these arrangements in the corner to fill space, they will create a stunning feature in your entrance, reception, board room, salon, café, restaurant or workplace.

Many of our clients still can’t believe that we hire silk flowers as they always look so beautiful and fresh. Our latest collections of pots are well worth seeing, they help make the difference between us and other silk flower rental companies.

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