Do you provide corporate silk flower hire?

Buds to Blooms does long term silk flower hire for corporate clients. They are ideal for any reception, hotel foyer, shop entrance, showroom, beauty salon, hair salon, clothing store, dentist, doctor, restaurant, hotel, waiting room, boardroom, hairdresser, meeting room, function centre, real estate agent, gym and leisure centre. Next time you need to hire silk flowers to add colour and life to your corporate space, give Buds to Blooms a call.

What areas do you cover with corporate silk flower hire?

We arrange pick-up and delivery of your silk flower rental in Melbourne, Richmond, Geelong, Torquay, Jan Juc, Werribee, Lara, Williamstown, Anglesea, Daylesford, Ballarat, Gisborne, Bacchus Marsh, Colac, Windsor and the Surf Coast. We also provide Mornington Peninsula silkflower hire from Sorrento and Red Hill to Portsea. Phone and ask us if our silk arrangements for hire can be delivered to you.

What are the benefits of silk flowers over fresh cut flowers?

  • Silk flowers don’t need to be watered.
  • No dying or dead petals or leaves as with fresh flowers.
  • No fuss or maintenance by the client, this is all taken care of by Buds to Blooms.
  • Silk flower arrangements aren’t affected by climate conditions, they look just as good on pick up as they did on the day of delivery.
  • While we can create matching pairs, no two silk flower arrangements are ever the same.
  • Our silk flowers colour schemes can be created to add to your theme or décor.

Do you provide maintenance of my rented silk flowers?

All the care of your hired silk flowers is provided by the staff at Buds to Blooms and since we change arrangements regularly, there is no need for your staff or yourself to maintain them. The silk flower arrangements will never look tired, worn out or dusty as they don’t stay in one spot for too long before they go back to the maintenance team for checking and care.

Do Buds to Blooms rent long term silk flowers and silk floral arrangements?

Yes, we arrange long term silk flower hire for our corporate clients and then update their silk flower arrangements on a regular basis.

What type of silk arrangements do you provide for hire?

At Buds to Blooms we pride ourselves on creating unique silk flower arrangements. While we do provide matching pairs when required, no two of our silk flower designs are the same and we create them with your corporate business, reception, hair dresser or beauty salon in mind. We use the finest quality silk flowers, a range of flower pots, urns and vases combined with colourful silk blooms and organic matter to create unique floral designs. Take a look at our Gallery for examples of our silk floral arrangements.

Do you arrange pick-up and delivery of your silk flower hire?

Yes. Once you choose Buds to Blooms as your silk flower rental company we take care of the pick-up, delivery and we update your silk flower arrangements regularly to keep your corporate space looking fresh and colourful. We deliver and maintain our silk flowers Melbourne, Werribee, Ballarat, Geelong, Torquay, Bacchus Marsh, Daylesford, Colac, Williamstown and Gisborne.

Do the silk flowers you hire wilt?

Buds to Blooms silk flowers do not wilt in warmer environments making them ideal for receptions that are exposed to heat such as hair dressers, beauty salons, gyms and leisure centres. In winter, many receptions (doctors surgeries, dentists, clothing stores, hotels, motels, foyers and real estate agents) have central heating which can also cause fresh flowers to wilt.

Do you hire artificial flowers too?

At Buds to Blooms our flowers are artificial flowers, but as they are made of silk they are of a higher quality and more lifelike than your standard artificial flowers.